After 20+ years working on employee strategies with top brands and members of the F500,Version 2 Caroline Siemers has a distinctive outside-in perspective on what it means to be an employer and an employee in a constantly evolving workplace, influenced by technology, fluctuating markets, emerging talent, and entirely new business models. As more and more people embrace the philosophy that “work is what you do, it’s not a place you go,” the need is greater than ever for people to have healthy, functional relationships at work and with work.

A born storyteller (with skills enhanced by her background in theater and comedy), Caroline takes an unorthodox approach to talking about our relationship with work and how to make it more functional and rewarding on both sides of the desk. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll appreciate your job!

A recovering workaholic, Caroline also speaks with depth about “healing the heart of the worker,” enabling workers from the C-suite to the newly graduated, to get quiet, tune in to what matters, and work with more commitment, engagement and satisfaction.


Everyone Hates Working Everywhere: Leveling Up Your Relationship with Work

Healing the Heart of the Worker: Mindfulness and Meaning at Work

Adaptive Leadership: Leveraging the Power of What Is